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Law, Government, and Policy

Put Your Critical Thinking Cap On

One of the hallmarks of the world class Liberal Arts and Sciences education from Centre College is critical thinking. Law, government and public policy are fields that thrives on it. Now more than ever these institutions need fresh viewpoints and new ideas. The Law, Government & Policy Career Exploration Community will help you explore the options that can help you land with the right organization after graduation. 

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Explore a Civic Career 

A life of civil service can be a very rewarding aspiration. The Law, Government and Public Policy Career Exploration Community will introduce you to careers that cover law, law enforcement, politics, lobbying, government relations, international relations, public affairs and public policy. 

Below are resources for exploring careers in law, government and public policy. You can also use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research all careers and employment projections. You may find that to do what you want you may have to extend your education. We've listed those resources as well.

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Learn more about Law School with the Pre-Law Program

The pre-law curriculum at Centre helps provide students the tools you need for success in law school, and the broad alumni network helps you explore career opportunities.

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Explore Careers

Federal Careers   
Information on federal government careers in areas such as art, biology, business, communications, computers/IT, environmental issues, foreign language, international relations, law, medicine, science, and more.

American Historical Association  
Information on a wide array of careers in history.

American Bar Association   
Read profiles of lawyers in every different field of law.

Legal Professional Development Center   
Find out if the legal profession is right for you and get information on becoming a lawyer.

How to Become a Police Officer   
Information about careers in the police force.

Experience Serving the Public

There are a lot of moving parts to address in the fields of law, government and public policy. We have listed internship opportunities that make it possible to gain relevant experience in the areas you could concentrate in. 


Internship Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find an Internship page.

Central Intelligence Agency   
CIA summer internship program. 

Congressional Internships   
Internships with the 112th Congress, listed by state. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.) 

Federal Bureau of Investigation   
Explore internship opportunities within the FBI. 

Feminist Majority Foundation   
Internships in human rights and social policy.

U.S. Government Student Jobs   
Numerous student internship programs with the federal government.

U.S. Department of State   
Summer internships in foreign affairs in Washington, D.C. or abroad.

Washington Internships in Law and Policy   
Large list of policy internships in D.C. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.) 

History Internships 
Over 300 internships in museums, state and national Parks, living history programs, and historical commissions and archives. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.) 

Smithsonian Institution   
Huge database of internships in numerous fields and locations within the Smithsonian system. 

Internships in International Affairs   
Internships divided by overseas and U.S.-based. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.) 

Embark on a Journey of Growth

When looking for job in this field keep abreast of current events, political developments, and policy changes to demonstrate your understanding of relevant issues. Below are resources for graduate school and jobs in law, government and public policy. 

Graduate School and Job Searches

Graduate School Resources

Be sure to also check out Peterson's Graduate Schools and Programs on our Apply to Grad School page.

Professional Schools

American Bar Association   
Search for ABA-approved law schools. 

Internet Legal Resource Guide   
Thomas E. Brennan’s law school rankings.

Law School Admission Council   
Law School Admission Council site dedicated to the law profession. Search for law schools, get information on the LSDAS and the application process, plus much more. 

Law School Numbers   
Research and social networking tool for prospective law school applicants.

The Princeton Review: Law   
Find law schools and get information about the admissions process. 

U.S. News & World Report   
Get law school rankings and up-to-date career and admissions articles.

Employment Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find a Job page.


Central Intelligence Agency   
Employment opportunities with the CIA.

DC and Political Job Resources   
A Google doc dedicated to resources related to the job search in Washington, DC and political jobs.

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Information on becoming a Special Agent and other employment opportunities with the FBI. Go Government. A guide to considering and applying to federal employment, including resources for students and recent grads.

Roll Call Jobs   
Political jobs on Capitol Hill and throughout the U.S.

U.S. Department of State   
Work in Foreign Service or Civil Service in Washington, DC or overseas.

U.S. House of Representatives   
Employment opportunities with the U.S. House of Representatives.

U.S. Senate   
Employment opportunities with the U.S. Senate.

State and Local

Commonwealth of Kentucky Personnel Cabinet 
Find opportunities throughout the Kentucky government.

State and Local Government on the Net   
Nationwide state and local government links.

National Council on Public History   
Numerous history positions listed by state (including a few overseas).

Smithsonian Institute   
Job opportunities at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.   
Find law enforcement and criminal justice positions.   
Find law jobs nationwide.

Federal Government Jobs Overseas   
Listing of U.S. federal government jobs by countries and cities overseas.

National Institute for Research Advancement (USA)   
List of think tanks and other policy research institutions in the U.S.

National Institute for Research Advancement (Abroad)   
Lists of think tanks and other policy research institutions in over 90 different countries. 

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