Centre offers a cooperative dual degree engineering program with two major universities.

The breadth of knowledge and communication skills received at Centre, coupled with the engineering degree, make dual-degree graduates especially attractive to industry, government, graduate programs, and professional schools.

Centre has cooperative dual-degree agreements with two engineering schools: University of Kentucky and Washington University. After three years at Centre, students transfer to the dual-degree institution and complete their studies, usually in two years. Upon successful completion, degrees are awarded from both Centre and the engineering school.

Your Major Took You Where?*

Longstreet Solutions, Inc. Washington University in St. Louis
Cryomagnetics, Inc. Washington University in St. Louis (B.S., mechanical engineering)
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet University of Kentucky (B.S., civil engineering)
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“Centre’s dual engineering program has offered me an amazing platform to pursue my technical interests in a versatile manner. Due to this, I have been able to develop critical skills that will help me succeed at my partner school (Washington University in St. Louis) amidst strengthening a fundamental aspect of the field through my focus in mathematics. Throughout my time in the program, I have witnessed it grow stronger, backed by faculty that works in your best interest and are ready to aid students in securing opportunities in a variety of engineering paths. I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to grow with the program and genuinely feel better equipped for my future.”

Centre Class of 2020 • Mathematics Major


While at Centre, students have the option of working toward a major in chemistry, mathematics, biology, computer science, environmental studies, or physics.

At the same time, students are expected to complete the common requirements of all Centre graduates, including coursework in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and sciences, and fundamental questions category. Although most students opt to complete the typical “3-2” program, it is also possible to complete a “4-2” (four years at Centre followed by two at a partner school). Some students use this option in order to completely finish a major, complete a double major, or utilize four years of sport eligibility.

Interested students should consult with faculty advisor Professor Bruce Rodenborn and can reach him by email here.

What Courses Should I Take?

Students must complete the requirements of their chosen Centre College major including all general education courses along with the following:

Required Pre-Engineering Pathway Courses

  • Two semesters of calculus-based physics with labs
  • Three semesters of calculus and differential equations
  • One semester of chemistry with laboratory
  • Other degree-specific courses required by the partner school

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