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A strong liberal arts background along with extensive science coursework are highly recommended by physical therapy programs across the country.

Physical therapy is a people-oriented profession that combines a wide range of social, educational, and technical skills.

Physical therapists (PTs) assist those who have physical impairments due to injury, stroke, surgery, or other traumas. Physical therapy is one of the fastest growing health fields, and the demand for PTs is rising as our population ages. PTs must possess physical stamina, creative problem-solving skills, patience, resourcefulness, manual dexterity, and the ability to work closely with people from a variety of backgrounds.

PT Schools Centre Grads Attend*

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

  • University of Kentucky
  • Bradley University
  • Washington University
  • Western Kentucky University
*A Sampling of Recent Graduates

“Centre’s pre-physical therapy program has has set me up to succeed in graduate school by providing the relationships necessary for internships and experience in the field. These relationships have emphasized that this career is right for me, and has re-affirmed the fact that I am choosing the right path. In addition, the course work has set me apart in the applicant pool by providing the unique and rigorous brain and behavior courses.”

Centre Class of 2019 • Behavioral Neuroscience Major

Pre-Physical Therapy

There’s no specific undergrad major required to be admitted to physical therapy school.

A number of our recent students have gone to PT school after majoring in areas such as English, philosophy, Spanish, religion, and economics, in addition to the traditional sciences of biology, biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB), chemistry, and behavioral neuroscience (BNS).

Pre-physical therapy students should consult with faculty advisor Professor KatieAnn Skogsberg and can reach her by email here.

What Courses Should I Take?

Each physical therapy school has their own unique entrance requirements, but most require the following courses as prerequisites:

Suggested Courses for Pre-Physical Therapy Students

  • Two semesters of psychology
  • Two semesters of biology
  • Two semesters of anatomy & physiology
  • Two semesters of chemistry
  • Two semesters of physics
  • One semester of statistics

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