Diverse class of 2027 showcases Centre commitment to access, student success

by Matt Overing

Centre College News
Class of 2027 by the numbers

Diverse backgrounds only begin to highlight the depth of quality among the 372 students in the incoming Class of 2027 at Centre College.

Centre has committed to improving access to higher education, which is reflected in the incoming class. Ninety students will be the first in their families to pioneer the college path this year, an increase of more than 15 percent compared to the previous class.

“We’re thrilled to open the doors to a transformative Centre education to a class that reflects the College’s commitment to academic excellence and diversity,” said Chad Spencer, who was recently appointed as the College vice president for enrollment management. “While the class showcases diverse backgrounds, the academic profile is one that embodies Centre's priority to helping promising students find their passions and build a dynamic liberal arts and sciences foundation that will serve them throughout rewarding, meaningful careers.”

Centre’s commitment to first-generation students is highlighted by the prestigious full-tuition-plus Grissom scholarship, now in its ninth year. The Class of 2027 will also play host to the inaugural group of Kessler Scholars, first-generation students participating in a powerful network of mentors and peers throughout their four years at Centre and beyond. Additionally, a $10 million gift from an anonymous donor provides access to study abroad and internship opportunities for first-generation students through Thrive Enrichment Funds.

More than 30 percent of the incoming class is categorized as underrepresented or international, with 13 countries represented outside of the United States, and 31 states and territories in the U.S.

The academic profile for the 2027 class builds on the College’s credentials with students averaging a 3.7 unweighted high-school GPA — the highest on record.

“Centre’s goal is to enroll high-achieving high school students,” said David DeWitt, associate director of admission. “We were able to continue our trend of collectively raising the bar on measures of academic achievement by securing a class with the highest average grade point average on record.”

Alongside a diverse class, the class also represents a strong athletics profile, with more than 197 joining the ranks of Colonels on the field, court, track and in the classroom.

Centre continues to build on its appeal to students in search of a premier liberal arts and sciences experience, with its nationally ranked study abroad program along with new minors, including engineering and health and medical studies.

“Statistics for this year’s class demonstrate a strong response to some of the College’s current initiatives,” DeWitt said. “Nearly a third of the class has indicated an interest in new majors Centre has introduced in the past couple of years with the business major leading the way, with more than one-in-five students in the incoming class indicating an interest in that program.”