This page provides students and parents guidance through payment options, plan enrollment, understanding your statements, making payments, and more.


Fall 2020 Spring 2021 total
Comprehensive Fees $27,735 $27,735 $55,470

This fee includes a double room and a choice of meal plans. A very limited number of single rooms are available at extra cost. Placement is determined by the Student Life Office. Students permitted to live off-campus will receive a room credit. Those living at home with parents may choose to receive a meal plan credit.

There are additional fees for applied music courses and certain art and social studies courses, some CentreTerm courses, as well as a student-initiated $20 annual green fee. Car registration is assessed at $35 for Fall and $35 for Spring.


Full Payment

Fall Payment: August, 14
Spring Payment: December 21

The net charges for the Fall Term are to be paid in full by August 14, 2020. The net charges for the Spring Term are due by December 21, 2020.


4 Month Plan

Enrollment Period: July 10-31
Installment 1: August 1
Installment 2: September 1
Installment 3: October 1
Installment 4: November 1

5 Month Plan

Enrollment Period: July 1-10
Installment 1: July 10
Installment 2: August 1
Installment 3: September 1
Installment 4: October 1
Installment 5: November 1

The Monthly Payment Plan offers 4 or 5 month payment plans for Fall and for Spring semester, interest free. Enrollment is needed for each term, the fee is $35 EACH term. Plans are automatically canceled when one payment is missed. On Centrenet, the Centre ePayment button in the Centrenet LaunchPad redirects to Cashnet where account details can be viewed.



On Centrenet, the Centre ePayment button in the Centrenet LaunchPad redirects to CashNet where online payments are accepted. The Cashier’s Office is available to receive payments, as well.

Interest will accrue at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) the last business day of each month on the unpaid balance remaining after the respective due date of the Full Pay Plan. Interest will be charged every month with the exception of July, August, September, December, and January.

*Students will not be allowed to participate in any registration period if there are unpaid balances.

Incidental charges (parking fines, damages, health charges, replacement ID charges, and disciplinary fines) are billed throughout the year on the student statements as necessary.

Please refer to the Student Handbook on Centrenet for details concerning withdrawal refunds.

Accepted financial aid award amounts appear on the student statement as credits.

Federal College Work-Study does not appear on the student billing statement and will be paid directly to the students in the month after the work was performed.  If the intent is to apply this pay to the student’s statement it is the student’s responsibility to come to the cashier’s office to make the deposit.

Stafford and Parent Plus loans will appear on the student billing statement, less the lender administrative fee, when the College receives the funds (September for Fall term and January for the Spring term). It is important that all appropriate forms and filings are completed in a timely manner for timely loan approval and processing. Students must be enrolled with 12 credit hours for loans to post.

The Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship (KEES) will appear on the student billing statement as an estimate. A revision will be made, if applicable, in October upon receipt of the award from the state.