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Sports Analytics

Sorting statistics, crunching numbers and modeling data to tell a story about athletic performance.

Sports analytics at Centre does not require an interest in sports. It does take an interest in analyzing data to identify trends and inefficiencies to make better informed decisions. 

Jeff Heath, professor of mathematics and data science, as well the chair of the data science program along with Prayat Poudel, associate professor of mathematics, lead a team of students to help coaches and players at Centre find ways to gain an advantage. Currently their main focus is on baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track and field, and volleyball. 

Interested in sports analytics? Here's a primer to help get you started.

baseball player holding three Centre NCAA branded baseballs

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Jeff Heath teaching class on stats used in NCAA bracket challenge

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Dr Jeff Heath standing on the Centre College baseball field

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Analytics Careers

The best part—analytics is a skill set that is useful in any venture. For example, recent graduates involved in the Centre Sports Analytics program have gone on to analytics careers in healthcare, business, and marketing. Others have pursued graduate degrees in Data Science, Statistics, and related fields.

Of course, a career in sports is also an option. William Britt '21 is now part of the data analytics department with the Dallas Cowboys after working two seasons in a similar analyst position for the Pittsburg Steelers.

“My exposure to sports analytics research at Centre gave me the skill set, experience and network to launch my career. I’m grateful to have been part of the program.”

William Britt ’21

Strategic Football Analyst, Dallas Cowboys

Will Britt '21
Group of students working together in library on project

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student working on math problem with Jeff Heath

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