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Explore the world and take your professors with you.

Each year about 16 of our faculty—from disciplines across the academic spectrum—teach their subjects in the context of another culture. Our chemists have taught art restoration in France and volcanoes in New Zealand; our mathematicians have taught their subjects in Greece and London; our biologists have taught biodiversity in Borneo; our education faculty have taught education in Ghana and Costa Rica; our religion faculty have taught courses in Israel and ‘literally’ on the pilgrimage route to Compostela in Spain.

Students everywhere routinely say that their study-abroad experience has been the defining part of their college education. At Centre, many faculty say that teaching their disciplines in a different cultural context has broadened and enriched their material.

Even more, doing so has internationalized our Kentucky campus as nothing else could have.


Director (Retired), Center for Global Citizenship, writing in the Huffington Post
infographic for Centre faculty who teach abroad