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  1. Norton Center for the Arts

    A black and white image of two men playing guitar. The man on the right is wearing a cowboy hat and is leaning over to the man on the left and speaking.

    Allman Betts Family Revival

    It’s been nine years since Devon Allman put together a show at the Fillmore in San Francisco to celebrate the life of his father, Gregg Allman. What started as one night of the Devon Allman Project...

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  2. Norton Center for the Arts

    A brown haired woman sits in a white turtle neck holding an accordion in her lap with a white background.

    Hanzhi Wang

    Acclaimed for her “staggering virtuosity,” Hanzhi Wang is the only accordionist ever to win a place on the roster of Young Concert Artists in its 60-year history. An ambassador for her instrument...

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  3. Norton Center for the Arts

    A blond woman stands in front of a blue sky wearing a black jacket and white shirt holding a banjo stapped over her right shoulder.

    Alison Brown Quintet

    Grammy-winning musician, Grammy-nominated producer and visionary banjo virtuoso Alison Brown is one of the most multi-faceted minds in roots music. Although Alison began her musical career as a...

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  4. Norton Center for the Arts

    Seven men sit in a line amidst a white background while a reflective image of themselves occupies the bottom third of the image. Starting from the left, there is a man with a silver trombone in a black suit, two men in gray suits holding trumpets, a man in a black suit with a trumpet, a man in a dark gray suit holding a tuba, and two men in light gray suits holding a mellophone and trombone, respectively.

    Mnozil Brass

    Known as the Monty Python of the music world, Austrian septet Mnozil Brass seamlessly combines slapstick comedy with virtuosity. Hailed as one of the world’s premier brass ensembles, this group blends...

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  5. Norton Center for the Arts

    Seven dancers dressed in French-styled red dresses and hats stand in front of a red curtain. In front of those dancers, there is a male and female dance pair dressed in black. The woamn is raised above the man with her arms spread outwards and feet kicked up behind her knees.

    Paul Taylor Dance Company

    Renowned for its innovative and emotionally compelling performances, the Paul Taylor Dance Company is known as the premiere institution for American modern dance. Under the direction of Artistic...

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  6. Norton Center for the Arts

    Four men stand in front of copper green gates in a street of brick buildings. The men (starting from the leftmost) hold a banjo, guitar, violin, and electric guitar under their right arms.


    Where Ireland meets Kentucky Bluegrass, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! “Sparkling” and “infectious” Irish Bluegrass quartet JigJam brings a high-energy combination of Bluegrass and American folk...

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  7. Norton Center for the Arts

    Four men wearing black suits and holding microphones sing while looking outwards towards an audience.

    The Four Phantoms in Concert

    An extravagant celebration of the iconic music of Broadway and more, The Four Phantoms in Concert brings together four Phantoms from Tony Award-winning The Phantom of the Opera for an unforgettable...

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