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Below are just a few of the many faculty and staff members at Centre College who are first generation college graduates. Their support is key to the success of all students, especially students who are the first in their family to go to college!

Centre defines “first-generation” as a student whose custodial parent(s)/guardian(s) have not completed a four-year college degree.

Over 80 of Centre’s faculty and staff are first-generation graduates and over 50 are serving as first-generation student resources on campus (see link below for the full list.) In fact, more than 1 in 6 faculty and 1 in 3 senior staff leadership are first-generation graduates! Also, first-generation students at Centre held more leadership roles on campus than non first-generation according to the 2013-14 National Survey of Student Engagement.

We hope you find the resources below helpful. If you have additional resources you would like to suggest, please email Sarah Scott.

first-generation college students poster (PDF)

Centre College annually offers 10 full-tuition scholarships for high-achieving first-generation students through the Grissom Scholars Program.

College Partnerships and Programs:

  • I’m First: An online community celebrating first-generation college students and supporting those who will be
  • College Green Light: Connecting first generation and underrepresented student to caring colleges, generous scholarships, and life-changing counselors and mentors
  • Grissom Scholars Program: A full-tuition, four-year scholarship program at Centre provided to 10 incoming students per year

Other Resources:

Leadership Library:

Visit the second floor of the Combs Center on campus to check out books such as First Generation College Students by Lee Ward, Michael Siegel, and Zebulum Davenport and First in the Family by Kathleen Cushman.