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New Horizon Scholars

The New Horizons Scholarship program recognizes students from all backgrounds who demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion work. The program is designed to provide students the opportunity to build leadership skills, professional development skills, communication skills, empathy, and an appreciation for service learning. Scholarship recipients are guaranteed priority consideration for need-based aid (in an amount that covers up to the cost of Centre’s comprehensive fee).

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JH & Artie Atkins Scholars

The JH & Artie Atkins Scholars program is designed to support research or art focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The program attracts highly motivated students who have demonstrated themselves to be strong students over the arc of their careers at the college. Scholars will work closely with a faculty mentor and receive financial support for research, materials, and travel. Recipients will present their findings as part of the college’s annual RICE Symposium and their papers will be published in journal form by the college. 

Kessler Scholars Collaborative 

The Kessler Scholars Collaborative is part of Centre’s commitment to ensuring educational access and achievement for first-generation students. Centre is one of ten colleges nationwide selected for this highly selective program. The scholarship recognizes high-achieving first-generation students with individualized support and cohort-based programming designed to foster academic, professional, and personal growth.  

For more information about the Kessler Scholars Collaborative, please visit www.kesslerscholars.org. Details on Centre’s first-generation programming and admission to the College can be found here.

Learn more about the Kessler Scholars Program at Centre


Group Resources

Peer Engagement & Advocacy Program

The Peer Engagement & Advocacy Program is an initiative designed to increase campus participation in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts – specifically by designing and implementing programs and training for student organizations. The program provides a suite of training and workshop opportunities designed to promote and support a peer-to-peer model of DEI education. Materials and events from this program are designed to promote a better understanding of DEI principles as well as assist student leaders with engaging their peers around DEI thought and practice. 

Intercultural Council

The Intercultural Council (ICC) is dedicated to creating cultural awareness and inclusivity on campus by providing student advocacy and support to affinity-based student organizations in their sponsorship of events that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding, and that further principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Intercultural Council (ICC) is composed of the leadership (and/or appointed members) of campus affinity groups.  The key purpose of the ICC is to coordinate efforts among member groups in pursuit of shared goals and to broaden the impact of campus events.  To facilitate this, Council members receive training to strengthen their leadership, organizational, and DEI skills. Each academic year - the ICC works to sponsor at least one campus-wide event and also engage in several collaborative projects that highlight and uplift campus intersectionality. 

Additional Resources

Centre College developed a policy in fall 2017 and updated in 2024 whereby current transgender and non-binary students may request a new first and/or middle name on campus, regardless of whether they have legally changed their name. Except where the legal name is required by law, industry standard, or strong business need, the College will endeavor to use the new name(s). In addition to designating a new name or names, this policy allows transgender students to designate a gender marker that differs from their sex at birth, with the understanding that there may be some systems where the implementation of a gender marker other than the legal sex is not possible. Because Centre has many information systems, it is possible that changes will not take effect in some areas of the College or will take effect more slowly in some areas than in others. That said, the new name(s) will be reflected in the Centre College portal (Centrenet), on class rosters, in news releases and announcements (though students may choose to not have information shared publicly by indicating this preference in the annual “Permission for Publicity” survey or by contacting the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications), and on the Centre ID. Every effort will be made to share the changes across campus with all relevant offices in a timely fashion.

Name and Gender ID Change Form