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Anthropology asks, what shapes us as humans? Sociology asks, how does social structure shape culture? Both disciplines ask what it means to be human.

Anthropology and sociology bridge the gap between life sciences and humanities, revealing the biocultural and sociocultural nature of so much of human experience. They provide a unifying framework for understanding the totality of the human condition and our responsibility for service in a global society.

The anthropology and sociology program is at the forefront of interdisciplinary and global studies at Centre. We offer students a range of choices in planning their anthropology/sociology major. The program includes a set of core courses in anthropological and sociological research methods and theoretical perspectives, culminating in an advanced seminar. In addition, majors are able to design the primary portion of their major according to their specific interests, with possibilities including concentrations in archaeology, sociology of health and illness, ecological anthropology, cultural anthropology, social stratification, sociology of family, sociology of religion, and sustainable communities. We also offer individualized minors in anthropology and sociology.

Your Major Took You Where?*

Charleston Parks and Conservation University of Washington (M.A., museology)
Food Recovery Network Cleveland Marshall School of Law (J.D., law)
Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme Columbia University (M.A., anthropology)
IQTalents, LLC University of Kentucky (M.L.S., library & information science)
Clark County Educational Service Center Texas State University (Archaeology Field School)
AmeriCorps Vista University of Louisville
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“The ANT/SOC program has provided me with a multitude of opportunities to think through the complexities of everyday life, encouraging meaningful interactions with the community to apply concepts learned in the classroom. The program has equipped me with the tools I need in order to empower others and create change in the world.”

Centre Class of 2019 • Anthropology/Sociology Major

Anthropology & Sociology

World-Wide Study

Centre has several important campus facilities for studying anthropology and sociology. Our Social Science Laboratory includes the major statistical software and an extensive archive of real cross-cultural, national, and international dataset. There is a Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing mini-lab. The program maintains a growing collection of fossil hominid and comparative casts.


Our students have participated in a variety of internships for academic credit that have enhanced their experience and future employability. Student internships have included Boyle County Family Court, International Paper, Sunrise Children’s Home, underwater archeology at the Naval History and Heritage Command, positions with Kentucky Educational Television, and many more.


Our anthropology and sociology program provides students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. The program encourages students to examine their physical, cultural, and social worlds more critically, and offers students theoretical and methodological tools for examining our world. Students from our program have gone on to a variety of graduate programs and careers.


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