Law schools look for students with skills in writing, analysis, and logical argument and Centre’s broad liberal arts program provides this kind of training in many courses.

Centre College is well regarded by law schools because they know that students here receive a broad and demanding education. Centre graduates have a solid record of success in gaining admission to law schools and of performing well once they get there.

The broad-based skills that law schools emphasize — effective writing and speaking, analytical ability, and a general exposure to the social sciences — are also essential goals of Centre’s liberal arts curriculum. For this reason our graduates have a solid record of success in gaining admission to law schools and of performing well once they get there.

Law Schools Centre Grads Attend

  • Boston University
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University*
  • Cornell University
  • Duke University*
  • Emory University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Kentucky*
  • George Washington University
  • Georgetown University*
  • University of Georgia
  • Indiana University Bloomington*
  • University of Louisville*
  • University of Michigan*
  • New York University
  • Northwestern University*
  • Notre Dame University*
  • Ohio State University*
  • University of Pennsylvania*
  • University of Southern California
  • Vanderbilt University*
  • University of Virginia
  • Wake Forest University*
  • Washington and Lee University*
  • Washington University*
  • William and Mary*
*Law schools where students have matriculated in the last 2 years
5 year average: 94% acceptance rate to law school

“In order to study law, I’ve learned that simply reading cases is not enough. We must understand the context of a case and understand each party involved in order to grasp the complete picture. Also, studying Constitutional law and Supreme Court rulings from the turn of the century to the present has helped me cultivate a substantial legal vocabulary.”

Centre Class of 2017 • Spanish Major



The most common majors for future lawyers have traditionally been politics, history, and English, while economics has made a strong showing recently. Any major Centre offers, though, can be good training for lawyers. Natural science students, for example, have learned analytical skills that are directly transferable to law, and their technical knowledge gives them a leg up in such burgeoning elds as biotechnology regulation and patent law.


Many pre-law students have internships during their time at Centre. Students can work in private law firms of every size, as well as with judges, in government agencies, and in public interest organizations dealing with all aspects of law and policy. Students have interned in Danville, Lexington, and Louisville, and in government settings in Washington, D.C., Frankfort, and other places in Kentucky.


Centre has an exceptional network of lawyers and strong contacts in every aspect of law. Centre lawyers are found in all the principal law firms in the state, in many government agencies, and on the judicial bench at every level. Centre lawyers are also well represented in elective of office, both in Kentucky and nationally. Since its founding in 1819, Centre has produced 13 United States senators and two U.S. vice presidents.


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