Adonis Logan ’22 completes Entrepreneurial Mindset CentreWorks Certification

by Kylie Wulf

Centre College News

Adonis Logan ’22 recently became Centre College’s first student to obtain the Entrepreneurial Mindset Certification (EMC2) from the College’s CentreWorks program.

Adonis Logan ’22 completes Entrepreneurial Mindset CentreWorks Certification
Adonis Logan ’22 with CentreWorks Co-Directors Anthony and Andrea Margida

Earning the certification means that a student has gained substantial knowledge and practice in entrepreneurial competencies through their involvement with CentreWorks. Those engaged with the initiative can expect to learn about innovation process mastery, startup leadership, financial/investment acumen, communication and growth mindset through semester-long rotations. The program culminates with students presenting what they have learned throughout their four-year experience—though Logan was able to complete the certification within two.

“Adonis jumped right in and worked diligently to understand and exhibit the characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset. The dedication, maturity, and grit Adonis displayed during the two years it took to earn the certification is impressive,” said CentreWorks Executive Director Andrea Margida.

Logan credits CentreWorks and its co-founders and executive directors, Andrea and Anthony Margida, for making a significant impact on his last two years at Centre. He notes that one of his primary takeaways was the Human-Centered Approach to Innovation (HCA), which CentreWorks employs when working to solve complex problems within a community. The process prioritizes listening and empathizing with the those facing the issue.

“Earning EMCand mastering HCA gives you the tools to seek and identify the similarities in a world that thrives on difference,” Logan said.

He explained how going through the pandemic made him recognize a lack of empathy among certain leaders, which prompted his desire to learn more about the qualities of effective leadership. That opportunity came through CentreWorks, where Logan learned about affecting community change through creativity, learning from failure, candor, empathy and embracing ambiguity.

“Earning the EMC2 certification means the world to me,” Logan said. “HCA is the single greatest thing I have taken from my time at Centre College.”

After graduating from Centre this June, Logan accepted a job with Inclusive Capital Partners, a value-oriented investment fund located in San Francisco, California, where he interned last summer.