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The subject of classical studies is the study of ancient Greece and Rome. This includes architecture, art, history, literature, mythology, philosophy, religion, and science.

The classical studies major is quite broad, encompassing language, history, and culture in its fullest sense. Clearly, classical studies students will develop and analyze basic knowledge about the ancient world, especially to gain an appreciation of its breadth and diversity.

Students will learn to think across traditional disciplinary boundaries, developing such linguistic skills as reading ancient texts in the original and such critical skills as researching, analyzing, and synthesizing diverse data from fields relevant to classical studies. Students will build on their training in classical studies to make connections to other academic disciplines.

Your Major Took You Where?*

Fulbright Scholar Program (Bulgaria) Indiana University (J.D.)
Archaeological dig (Israel) University of Kentucky (Ph.D.)
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“I chose classics because it is an interdisciplinary major. I’m able to learn ancient Greek and Latin — along with courses on history, philosophy, culture, and mythology — and explore many topics that interest me. I especially enjoy the ways in which Latin is like a puzzle.”

Centre Class of 2018 • Classical Studies Major

Classical Studies

World-Wide Study

In addition to Centre’s programs in London, Mexico, and Strasbourg, Centre belongs to a consortium of colleges which operates the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Study in Rome, known as the “Centro.” There, Americans study Italian, Latin, and classical subjects; they also visit sites in and around the city. Additionally, Centre students have traveled to Athens, Florence, Olympia, Pompeii, Rome, and Venice — both the ancient sites and the modern cities.


An internship, which is guaranteed as a part of the Centre Commitment, provides the perfect opportunity to combine academic study and real-life situations. In the recent past, classics students have gained valuable experience through interning at law firms, as well as at the University of Kentucky as a classics researcher.


If you’re planning a career in law or medicine, you’ll have a head start if you know the language, since most legal vocabulary comes directly from Latin. And you don’t have to major in science to get into medical school! Classical studies also provides a solid background for graduate work in art history, computer languages, English, history, government, philosophy, politics, religion, and teaching, to name just a few areas. Classics majors excel in any field that requires clear writing and analysis.


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