Centre students have been admitted to second degree/accelerated B.S.N. and accelerated M.S.N. programs around the country.

Nursing jobs are abundant nationwide in a wide range of settings, with many opportunities for growth. Centre provides guidance in applying to nursing programs around the country, including second degree and accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) programs and accelerated Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) programs. However, Centre does not offer the B.S.N. degree.

Centre College has a partnership with Vanderbilt University for students who apply to Vanderbilt’s accelerated M.S.N. program. The 4-2 partnership ensures that applications from Centre students receive a complete review.

Nursing Schools Centre Grads Attend*

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs (ABSN)

  • University of Kentucky
  • Bellarmine University
  • University of Northern Kentucky
  • DePaul University

Accelerated Master of Science in Nursing Programs (AMSN)

  • Emory University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Yale University
  • Johns Hopkins University
*A Sampling of Recent Graduates

“Centre’s pre-nursing program provided advising and support that was essential in helping me prepare to apply to the nation’s top nursing programs. The consistent support of this program and its advisor enabled me to visit graduate nursing programs of interest, make meaningful connections, and prepared me to tackle the daunting application process with confidence. I am very thankful to Centre, all of my professors, the pre-nursing program, and my advisors who prepared me for my next adventure: Yale University Nursing School following graduation!”

Centre Class of 2019 • Psychology Major


There’s no specific undergrad major required to be admitted to nursing school.

A number of our recent students have gone to nursing school after majoring in areas such as Spanish, International Studies, and Psychology, in addition to the traditional sciences of biology, biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB), chemistry, and behavioral neuroscience (BNS).

Pre-med students should consult with faculty advisor Peggy Richey and can reach her by email here.

What Courses Should I Take?

Although most ABSN and AMSN programs have unique requirements, most programs require the following courses as prerequisites:

Suggested Courses for Pre-Nursing Students

  • Two semesters of Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab
  • One semester of Nutrition
  • One semester of Microbiology with lab
  • One semester of Developmental Psychology
  • One semester of Statistics

Pre-Nursing News

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