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Economics & Finance

The economics & finance major at Centre integrates the theory of finance with a broad background in economics within a liberal arts educational philosophy.


The program encourages majors to consider course work or minors in computer science, history, mathematics, modern foreign languages, philosophy, and social studies. It is strongly recommended that students who are interested in international economics participate in a Centre College off-campus program.

Your Major Took You Where?

Economics & Finance majors have gone on to a variety of graduate programs and careers.


  • Wells Fargo
  • Greenskies Renewable Energy
  • Aramark-Nissan Stadium
  • Professional Golfers’ Association of America
  • Fidelity Investments
  • New York Life

Postgraduate Study

  • Vanderbilt University
  • Georgetown University Law Center
  • University College London
  • Mercer University M.B.A.
  • Wake Forest University School of Business
  • University of Southern California


The economics curriculum has four goals—competence in the fundamentals of economic theory, capability in quantitative and communication tools for economic analysis and presentation, familiarity with economic processes, policies, and institutions; and acquaintance with critical perspectives on both economic theory and institutions. Within this framework, students can assemble courses to highlight concentrations in finance, international economics, and policy analysis, and to prepare for graduate programs in business, economics, law, and public policy among others.

Major Requirements

Experiential Learning

Students engage in hands-on learning experiences and reflection to develop skills and increase knowledge retention.

Centre invites business people and academicians from around the world to provide students with insights into national and international political and economic processes. The program also provides the opportunity for students to study economic and political systems firsthand in China, England, France, or Mexico.


We're committed to helping students find quality internship experiences in the career area of their choice.

Opportunities are available for on-the-job experience providing career options ranging from insurance companies and investment firms, to commercial banks and the local Chamber of Commerce.


Our extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education prepares students for meaningful lives and careers.

Centre’s broad-based preparation provides career options in a number of fields including banking, business, consulting, law, and nonprofit organizations.

Economics & Finance Faculty

Man with short brown hair wearing glasses, grey button up dress shirt with gold tie in front of grey background

John J. Perry

  • Professor of Economics and Business
  • Pre-M.B.A. Advisor
Lady with curly shoulder length brunette hair wearing dark suit jacket with light green sweater in front of grey background

Marie Petkus

  • Ewing T. Boles Associate Professor of Economics and Business
Man with dark hair wearing sports coat with blue button up dress shirt

Ravi Radhakrishnan

  • Associate Professor of Economics and Business
  • Economics and Business Program Chair

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