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The JED Foundation provides colleges and universities with tools to help protect student mental health and prevent suicide.

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Centre College is excited to be recognized as a JED Campus.  

Centre began its partnership with the JED Foundation in 2021 as part of the strategic plan of the College, to enhance our understanding of and efforts towards comprehensive and effective student well-being.  We are able to participate in this partnership partially due to gifts from the Freed Foundation and the Morgan Stanley Scholarship Foundation.  Additionally, in fall 2022, Centre was awarded the Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention grant from SAMHSA that helped support implement the JED strategic plan.

The JED Campus program provides institutes with expert support, evidence-based best practices and data-driven guidance. Following an assessment of campus needs, the foundation helps schools develop a strategic plan to implement tools, strategies and techniques to improve student mental health.

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In addition to providing strategic support to colleges across the country, the JED Foundation offers numerous tools for those seeking to improve their own emotional well-being or learn how to help a friend.

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Centre College JED Foundation Timeline

Strategic Planning

Increase campus understanding of shared responsibility for student emotional well-being and the work of JED Campus in the Centre community. Ensure annual data on student utilization, analysis of his data to inform relevant initiatives.

Develop Life Skills

Enhance programming and groups on effects of lifestyle on wellness, links between wellness and academic success and academic and life skills.

Promote Social Connectedness

Enhance programs, activities and awareness to promote connections, especially related to diversity, equity and inclusion.  Increase capacity to identify and connect disconnected students.

Increase Screening Opportunities

Implement screening and wellness days and publicize screening tools.

Increase Mental Health Training

Strengthen mental health training program for faculty and staff.  Train students to identify, reach out to and refer struggling friends.

Increase Help Seeking Behaviors

Increase accessibility of wellness websites.  Implement campaigns to de-stigmatize help-seeking.  Promote student utilization of online wellness resources from other organizations.

Increase Coordination of Care

Improve coordination of care with off-campus resources.

Improve Access to Care

Provide counseling in alternative locations on campus.  Develop MOUs with local services.  Use JED Equity in Mental Health Framework to self assess for improved accessibility by students from diverse and underserved backgrounds.  

Increase Substance Misuse Support

Refine protocols for responding to alcohol and drug overdoses.  Ensure all alcohol and drug policies are accessible with clear interpretation. Implement awareness campaigns about risks of substance misuse during times of high risk substance use.

Improve Emergency Response

Promote how to access emergency help, including how to access 24/7 crisis phone and text support.  Implement case management to assure clinical follow up for high risk students.  Refine family notification policies. Refine postvention protocol.

Restrict Access to Suicidal Means

Conduct annual campus environment environmental scan to identify and mitigate access to lethal means.  Implement drug return program for prescription medications.


  • Wellness space in LaMotte/Tyler residential hall opens to students
  • Social Work (BSW) Intern begins internship at Centre Counseling focused on student listening sessions about well-being initiatives
  • Training of Peer Wellness Advocates 
  • Environmental Scan completed
  • Well-Being webpages launched
  • Transition Tips newsletter for families of incoming first years launched
  • Health Promotion office awarded ACHA Grant for Well-Centred Nature is Medicine
  • Recruitment of first cohort of Peer Wellness Advocates
  • Mental health workshop for Black Women (Manifestation Workshop for Black Female Identifying Students)
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (Succulents for Survivors, Sunset Yoga, Denim Day)
  • Assistant Director of Health Promotion hired
  • Be Ready Before You Go, safe spring break event offered with campus and community partners providing education and tools for a safe spring break
  • Centre Counseling begins “Embedded Counselor” program, offering counseling in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Office to increase accessibility of counseling services
  • Initiated Environmental Scan.  The offices of Public Safety, Housing, Residential Life, Laboratory Resources and Safety, and Student Well-Being initiated collaboration to assess the campus environmental for suicidal risk and mitigate risk where possible and establish a plan to reduce risk of suicide based on the campus environment.
  • Counseling Grad Intern begins working with students
  • Bonner Students participated in “How to Help a Student” training
  • RAs participated in training on “Student Check-ins”
  • Health Promotion student interns began internship in Health Promotion Office
  • First Mental Health Screening and Resource Fair at Centre College with counselors assisting with CCAPS screens, Health Promotion promoting event, and community mental health services on campus to meet students and promote their services
  • LGBTQ Healthy Relationships Event (Heart Stopper Screening)
  • Launched Substance Misuse Task Force
  • Launched JED/GLS Student Advisory Committee
  • Counseling Graduate Level Intern begins internship at Centre Counseling
  • Student Life staff and other student facing professionals complete Motivational Interviewing training
  • Social Work (BSW) Intern begins internship at Centre Counseling


  • Athletics staff participated in QPR Suicide Gatekeeper training
  • Director of Health Promotion hired
  • Suicide hotlines posted across campus in residential halls and academic buildings
  • Additional Centre Counselor hired
  • Health Promotion Instagram launched
  • Centre College notified of being awarded Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant from SAMHSA
  • Additional Centre Counselor position posted
  • Student leaders participated in QPR Suicide Gatekeeper training through Student Leadership Training
  • Student Health and Centre Counseling staff complete Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk Training (AMSR Training)
  • Student RAs and RDs trained in “How to Help a Student”
  • Health Promotion interns recruited and offered internship
  • Seize the Awkward Campaign initiated
  • Assistant Dean of Student Well-Being offers case management support to Centre students
  • Centre Counseling begins promoting CCAPS (Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms) Mental Health Screen with student athletes through meetings with teams
  • Director of Health Promotion (formerly Health and Wellness Education Specialist) position posted
  • Assistant Director of Health Promotion position posted
  • Centre College announces staffing restructuring, including launching Health Promotion Office with inaugural Director of Health Promotion position and creating Associate Dean of Student Well-Being and Assistant Dean of Student Well-Being positions
  • JED Campus provides Centre College with JED Strategic Plan
  • Centre College submits grant application for the Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant to SAMHSA
  • JED Campus visits Centre College, leads focus group with students and strategic planning meeting with Faculty and Staff


  • Centre College Students complete Healthy Minds Survey
  • Centre College begins JED Campus Assessment Process
  • Centre College enrolls in JED Campus Program for Fall 2021
  • Centre College applies for JED Campus Program

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