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Computing has become a necessary tool in nearly every area of human endeavor — critical to our workplace production, to our communication, and a means to play and to express ourselves artistically.

Computer scientists go by many names: programmer, software engineer, data engineer, system administrator, and web developer.

They are driven people who want to contribute to solving the world’s problems. They know that while technical skills are important, teamwork, creativity, and empathy are just as important. At Centre, we get that! Our students learn not only to work by themselves, but how to work with others. Employers know that it takes a team to create a product, and students with the skills to work with others and understand multiple viewpoints will be valued members and leaders of these teams.

Your Major Took You Where?*

Epic Systems Software University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (mathematics)
Fidelity Investments University of Kentucky (M.S., Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce)
Google Carnegie Mellon University
NTT Data Corporation University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Ph.D., Graduate School of Genome Science & Technology)
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“Majoring in computer science at Centre has not only provided me with the skills necessary to be successful in a competitive field, but also the opportunity to explore topics that I’m passionate about.”

Centre Class of 2017 • Computer Science Major

Computer Science

Collaborative Research

Centre faculty members regularly conduct research with students. Over the years, students have worked on John C. Young honors projects in computer science, and an interdisciplinary one in mind-machine interfaces. Almost every summer one or more students participate in research projects on Centre’s campus. Students have worked with faculty on genetic algorithms, mobile apps, drug discovery, energy efficient computing, educational video games, the analysis of the text of debates in the 2012 elections, and have supported researchers in behavioral neuroscience.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Nearly every summer one or more Centre students participate in research projects at other institutions. Our students have been awarded Fulbright scholarships, appointments to summer research positions in Oak Ridge, Tennessee; the National Institute of Standards and Technology; and the NSA; and have been selected for summer research projects at Notre Dame University, the University of Chicago, and other colleges across the country.


The skills you learn as a computer science major will be valuable in almost any career you select. Many of our graduates work as software developers, programmer/analysts, or systems engineers, while others have found positions in network administration. One of our graduates, with a second major in art, is engaged in the game industry in California. Some alums continue their education in graduate school, while others have completed M.B.A. degrees after entering the work force. Interdisciplinary studies are becoming more important at the graduate level and we now have several alums in computational biology and data science.


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