The Mathematics Program seeks to give students an understanding and appreciation of the beauty and utility of mathematics. Quantitative and analytic skills are increasingly important in biology, economics, and the social sciences, as well as in engineering and the physical sciences.

The study of mathematics at Centre provides the opportunity for the development of clear, logical, and creative thinking that may be applied to a wide variety of problems and interests. In addition to these important problem-solving skills, the mathematics major will learn to present concise, logical arguments in writing and orally. Emphasis is placed on mathematical thinking and precise communication of these thoughts.

Students completing the mathematics major at Centre have a broad range of interests. Many also complete a major in another field. For example, recent mathematics majors have second majors in chemistry, computer science, economics, English, history, physics, and Spanish. Some majors earn secondary teacher certification.

Your Major Took You Where?*

Bonnier Corporation University of Louisville (M.A.T., alternative certification, middle school math)
Augentius Belmont University (M.A., teaching)
Mercer, Inc. Purdue University (Ph.D., statistics)
Fidelity Investments Washington University in St. Louis (M.S., electrical & systems engineering)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Florida State University (Ph.D., applied & computational mathematics)
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“While the major provides an excellent education in mathematics, the professors at Centre go above and beyond, transforming curious minds into critical thinkers. The math faculty are some of the most compassionate and positive professors on campus. Majoring in math has prepared me to be a problem solver for life, and has allowed me to discover a passion for statistics that I never knew I had.”

Centre Class of 2017 • Mathematics Major


The Program

Centre’s professors enjoy exploring new ideas with their students, and together, solve interesting problems with a blend of classical techniques and the latest technologies. Students master central concepts in math and in the process learn to think precisely and to clearly articulate their ideas. Class sizes are small — usually between 20 and 30 students in classes through the sophomore year, and often smaller in upper-level courses.

The Curriculum

Centre’s mathematics major begins by establishing a firm foundation in calculus and linear algebra during the student’s first two years. Students may then choose from a broad range of courses that include the more theoretical studies of algebra, analysis, and complex analysis, as well as the more applicable areas of differential equations, probability, and statistics. Depending on student and faculty interest, the math program offers courses in special topics.


Our graduates often decide to continue their academic studies, entering law school, medical school, engineering programs, and M.B.A. programs, as well as graduate school programs in a wide variety of disciplines. Others choose to join the workforce immediately, taking jobs with companies and agencies such as the Census Bureau, computer companies, the military services, public or private schools, and financial institutions.


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