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Data science is an emerging, interdisciplinary academic field that sits at the intersection of computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

Data science brings new perspective to one of Centre’s core strengths.

Data science is the process of transforming raw, unorganized data into useful information and then presenting that information in a clear, concise way. While the use of powerful statistical and algorithmic techniques are infused in data science, at its core data science is about critical thinking: utilizing information in order to understand the world more deeply. This is something that Centre has been excelling at for the past 200 years.

Centre Graduates in Data Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Johns Hopkins University
Harvard University
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“The major and minor in data science allows students to learn the mathematics and computer science behind data science without the intense course load of a double major, allowing for exploration of other disciplines. With the help of the math and computer science faculty, I discovered my passion for data science. Through Centre’s coursework, I learned the skills needed for a career as a data scientist.”

Centre Class of 2019 • Double Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Data Science

The Program

Data science is a new and rapidly changing field. At Centre, our majors obtain not only the skill to apply the latest tools in statistics and machine learning, but a solid foundation in math, coding, and problem solving that will enable them to learn and adapt in the years to come. Programming languages and machine learning tools come and go. A deep understanding of the foundational ideas of math, computer science, and data science and the ability to communicate that understanding will pay dividends for years to come. Our courses gradually build on one another and we have dedicated lab spaces and tutoring services to help students succeed.

The Courses

Our students first start working with visualizing data in Web, Data, and Design. Statistical Modeling introduces students to statistical techniques such as multivariable regression and modeling, and Data Science and Analytics builds upon this foundation with machine learning, constraint programming, and data visualization tools. In Machine Learning, majors will delve more deeply into their study of machine learning, applying their previous coursework in math and computer science to implement several major algorithms and validate and assess these using benchmark problems.

The Capstone

For our majors, the data science program includes a capstone experience in the fall semester of their senior year. In the Data Science Capstone, students apply what they have learned in previous courses to a real-world problem. Students propose a project that interests them—in the humanities, the social, physical, or life sciences, or the local community—and apply what they have learned to solving a significant data analytics problem. In the capstone, students also learn to present their results at various stages of completion. Our students will find that this project provides something exciting to talk about with prospective employers or as they apply to graduate schools.


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